I used to be embarrassed about being an actor. There was no question that I wanted to be one. It was, (and is), my life long love affair. Playing a role is the closest thing I’ve experienced to divinity. However, I saw actors the way much of society perceives them. Pretty faced egotists that talk too loud at parties, so you won’t miss A SINGLE IMPORTANT WORD they have to say. To be one was shameful. Something to keep hidden when out in public. I would pursue my dream unwaveringly, but very quietly. This was absurd, of course, like hiding a rhinoceros behind a telephone pole.

Eventually, I realized several things. First of all, those actors at parties are “Actors”, not actors. Secondly, to truly be an actor is a great privelege. The chance to hold a mirror to the world. WHAT AN HONOR IT IS TO BE A VESSEL FOR STORIES. To be allowed to inhabit so many lives. And how necessary to have these stories presented. Acting is less about talking loudly, and more about listening closely. To everyone. It’s about gulping down what we see around us, and then giving it back. Look! This is you! This is all of us! This is important!

We live in an age where we are bombarded with devices to communicate. With email, texting, facebook, and twitter it’s ironic that we are, in fact, losing our ability to connect. Our communication has become less human, and more imaginary. We send our little digital bottles out to sea, hoping that someone finds our message, and understands. We are isolated. People create their best selves on facebook, and become afraid of truths. AS AN ACTOR, I AM INTERESTED IN TRUTHS. I’m interested in playing someone so that an audience member says, “Yes! I feel that way too, I’m not alone.”

Whether the motive is to make the audience respond with empathy or laughter, fear or delight, the important thing is that they feel something. TO HUDDLE AROUND THE FIRE, AND LET THE STORYTELLER INSPIRE WONDER.